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Lapponia proudly presents a cooperation with new Lapponia Designer. She is Liesbeth Busman, a well-known Dutch jewelry designer, who lives and works in The Hague. Travelling around the world and experiencing life in entirely different circumstances has influenced Busman´s design work. “The culture, looks, myths and beliefs of indigenous people have awed and humbled me. There are archetypical symbols and customs that arise over the world in different times and locations.”

The main principle for her work is the perfection of imperfection. To her, jewelry design should be about letting the barriers go. Otherwise, the magic of creation will be gone. Pretty is not essential; the beauty of Busman´s work is often hidden and revealed to the wearer in time. “Beauty is actually a side effect of my work process. When I set out to make something, I want to forget that I am in a process of making jewelry; I just have to let it become what it is.”

Nature is a great source of inspiration for Busman´s work. Nature is never the same, yet it remains timeless. Spring is her favorite time of the year; it is a promise of not knowing what will be ahead.

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