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  • Ring Beau Riche
  • Slavenband New York
  • Ring Satine
  • Ring Grande XL
  • Hanger Vienna
  • Creool Paris
  • Creool Egg
  • Ring Formidable

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A FAMILY BUSINESS Our love for jewelery, gold and diamond sits deep, deep within our feelings and our family history. For almost 70 years we have made the most beautiful jewelry for women. Every life event we honor with an ornament, always created especially for her. It is a celebration of femininity, motherhood, marriage, friendship, farewell and celebrating new life, every experience is considered. Our respect for these moments is always our most important motivation and inspiration. We are a family business in its purest form. Everything we do, we do in house. Together with our team of specialized goldsmiths we create emotion and memories in gold with the finest diamonds every day. Seventy years ago our grandfather Peter Bruining senior began making signet rings. Today we, as the third generation, still make this artisan jewelry alongside our extensive diamond jewelry collections. We invite you to enjoy our collections and experience the love that we have for our profession. Love, The Bruining family

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