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Tirisi Jewelry, born on the catwalk and worn in the city. With an amazing eye for detail this young brand is designed and developed by a Dutch couple. Natascha and Julian are living in the centre of exciting and vibrant Amsterdam, in the heart of Europe. This handsome fashion forward duo enjoy the freedom of modern Amsterdam coupled with the old city. We are constantly inspired by our marvelous city and our inspiration for many of our iconic and truly fabulous designs was born on the streets. Natascha and Julian ooze charisma and are part of the red carpet invitees. But there is little time for parties as fashion fever never stops and time is fashions biggest enemy. So not too many parties for the two, preferably working in their Amsterdam design studio dreaming up tomorrow’s next fine jewelry pieces. The Tirisi Jewelry brand is only 6 years old, but in the short history the brand has gained international recognition and is globally available. Tirisi can be found at the world’s many top jewelry houses competing with all the top selling popular brands that are on the most wanted list nowadays.

Being Dutch, Natascha purchases the famous diamonds cut in Amsterdam as much as possible, as the Dutch capital is the city that gave birth to the brilliant cut. Natascha still believes that at this point of time handcrafting the prototypes is far more superior than using the computer or 3D printing. “The perfection and detail that handwork gives us – is according to me – simply what fabulous jewels need”, she qoutes. “The production process is slower but the perfection and high quality is beyond doubt worth the time investment. Using the very best master goldsmiths in Italy we are able to stay ahead of the competition and dream up fresh new pieces on an almost monthly basis. And living in the charming and liberal city of Amsterdam gives us a rich and exciting outlook on life. Amsterdam is famous for its freedom of speech and freedom of movement.” And this valuable freedom comes across very obviously in the couples non complicated yet inventive designs. The pieces are fresh and are styled to be used for everyday wear. Tirisi is no jewelry to be locked up in a vault, it’s rather for modern women who may do the school run in the morning, then conduct a boardroom meeting and later on have a power lunch with fellow executives. Using shimming diamonds and hand cut semi precious coloured stones Tirisi mixes and matches up a rich selection of ever fashion forward fine jewelry pieces that modern women today demand of their jewelry wardrobe.

Iconic for the brand is the Milano collection. This perfect design has captured the heart of jewelry lovers worldwide. And as this style is globally so appreciated the Milano collection is today available in all sizes and conotations. New is the “Sweety Milano” line, petite and so pretty to the eye. And for the bold more confident woman the “Milano Due” is a show stopper on every finger. Also equally iconic there is the “3 TIMES A LADY” collection. The beautiful words of the now famous Lionel Ritchie song, “3 Times A Lady” inspired the couple to dream up a ring for morning, noon and night. The ring comes with 3 different colours of semi-precious stones. There is in fact a choice of over 20 fantastic colours. So a lady chooses her favorite colours and the ring allows her freedom of choice. Simply by pressing a secret button pop out the one semi-precious coloured stone to be replaced for another and the mood of the ring changes instantly. That way the colour of the stone can match your outfit or look suitable for that particular time of day or season. Julian explains that Natascha wears a lot of black especially at night. But instead of a midnight onyx black (which is also available) she preferres a shiny metallic black similar to her car. Julian; “she combined two natural stones, using hematite and fusing it to a rock crystal. This makes the stone so much more lively and shiny, yet it is still the blackest black but shimmering too. On top of all this creativity the stones spins on an ingenious system allowing extreme comfort. Men have worry beads for comfort and inner peace. This is our way of giving the modern lady the same.”

“Tirisi is a life journey. It may never stop. So it’s up to us to travel the world and take inspiration of everything we see, hear, eat and touch. This gives us so many new ideas to make jewelry for women today. We have all changed so much. A lady today plays such an important role in society and we give that confident – and not to forget – fashionable lady the jewelry she wants to own. This is the jewelry she wishes to pass on to her kids.”

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